Our vision is to automate every step in the investment process:

  • Research and stock picking.
  • Portfolio creation and optimisation.
  • Trading.
  • We will build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate our assumptions.

Research and stock picking

  • AI Bots to find and observe corporate websites.
  • AI Bots to monitor news, annual reports.
  • AI classifies: Uninvestable - Investable
  • MVP universe: Topix Core 30.

Portfolio creation and optimisation

  • AI Bots to monitor market data, corporate events.
  • AI Bots to classify by rating:
    Sell, Underperform, Neutral, Outperform, Buy.
  • Different ratings 3 time horizons:
    Short - medium - long.
  • MVP will trade short horizon with
    Sell, Neutral and Buy ratings.


  • AI bots to work orders using DMA.
  • AI bots to implement Algorithms.
  • AI bots to work orders combining Algorithms.
  • AI bots for block trading.
  • MVP will trade using DMA.


  • Available for AI related projects.
  • 7 years experience in software development.
  • 4 years experience sell side trading.
  • 10 years experience buy side trading.
  • Member of Deeplearning4J:
    Open-Source, Distributed, Deep Learning Library for the JVM
For more information contact Sales@Ra-ai.com.